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Huge Mistake in Low Limit Poker Play

Huge Mistake in Low Limit Poker Play

Making a huge mistake in low limit poker play is pursuing the dream of becoming a pro. Wanting to be a pro is a ego based high. To accomplish this you have to drastically drop your cleaning budget and free up of excuses. Allow yourself the luxury of making a few plays in low limit when you are scared to get involved, because in the beginning you will certainly lose.

Ask yourself this: Do you see yourself as a professional gambler or like yourself, a out and out hipster? The term hipster is typically associated with a group of people who are trying to style themselves up, trying to come across as knowledgeable and sophisticated. The hipsters of old used to dress in suits and ties, adopt a fashionable cafes and would travel around in their Huntley balloon, globe in hand. Nowadays, hipsters have been reduced to actually just looking cool.

If this image of hipsters seems a little ridiculous, remember that these are actual people, with actual experiences and actual issues that they will relating to money and what it takes to make money with it. Maybe this is the reason why so many people relate to the term, as if they actually are hipsters.

If this is the case, then maybe it’s time that you allow yourself into their head as they are trying to found a new society entirely, including the money thing. Maybe you could start trying to live the lifestyle that they lead, spending hours and hours trying to become a master of the game, without having to actually drop a lot of cash. If you could do this, you would likely hear about it from the hipsters that are attempting to make it big in the poker world. Hipsters aren’t generally known for their excellent memory, but poker players from the know, have surprisingly good memories.

This allows them to play a lot better than the hipsters and as a result, they take a lot of risk. The risk-taking part of hipsters is part of their charm because it’s part of their MO. They are willing to take the long shot, gamble out of sheer intuition and just have fun with the whole thing. This aspect of hipsters can also be intimidating to the newer players, who sense that the aren’t in the same league as the poker pros.

So, what should a poker player do in this era where hipsters rule the roost? How should a poker player adapt? Well right now, poker essentially lies in the fact that the games are very easy to learn. This makes it very profitable for a lot of people to jump into the sea and just do a little bit of research to figure it out. However, part of adapting is losing your cool once in a while, and letting your instinct determine your actions for you. The reason why poker works is because a lot of the time, the better poker player is also the more socialiser.