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Pokers are the New Gambling Bus

Pokers are the New Gambling Bus

Poker is like gambling: everyone wants to win big. And when it comes to gambling, how do you win big? You get more gambling dollars, of course. When it comes to poker, you can get bigger amounts of money by winning more hands, of course. But gambling is also a game of statistics. And when it comes to poker statistics, you can win big by knowing when to fold, or how to play hands that shouldn’t be played. However, most people don’t know when to fold and just continue to throw obscene amounts of money at chemicals in a attempt to burn a hole in their pockets.

Poker is a numbers game. A lot of people like to think that they can read their opponents and know what cards they have. Sure, Einstein could read his opponents, but he’d fail at the hand. And yet, there are some very skilled players who are very good at precisely measuring the strength of their cards, often basing their decisions on a probability theory called M, and there are some who can put other players on certain hands based on the proportion of certain numbers in a deck. However, there is no such systems for accurately predicting the probability of specific cards of a sequence of the deck.

There are also a few ways to get a handle on what cards you should play, although he theory of dice control is not yet established. The most popular of these is the positive progression strategy, in which the player increases the amount of money bet after a win, while maintaining the same size bet after a loss. Negative progression strategies, on the other hand, require that the player burn a certain number of wining bets, usually at least three to avoid going into debt.

There is also the idea of miracle bets, like the tie bet (betting that the next roll will be a tie), or the come bet (betting that the next roll will be a roll of eleven, twelve, or one), which punters often back away from for fear of losing. Miracle bets, together with the tie bet and perhaps the don’t pass bet (betting that the next roll will be a “don’t” number), form the majority of “Vegas88” bets in craps.uff

When thinking about event bets, you can think of them as sort of like the insurance bets that real estate agents offer on homes, although the agents understand that all homes are not the same and that an insured home may not be the same as a different home entirely.

The odds are normally calculated such that the house has a 5% advantage over the player, and this by default is true even if the player beats the house. However, there are ways around this, which we will discuss later.


Players are increasingly seeking better odds with their bets, and one of the best ways to do so is to make sure that the odds fall within the player’s budget. Affordability is the idea that you should be able to win within the cost of your wagers, and this in the context of online craps means that you can win affordably with some level of consistency, profitably within your means.

Before the shooter makes a come out roll, you place a bet on the pass line, regardless of the point that you are working to make. You are betting that the shooter will roll a point number within a certain range. If you lose, you only lose the odds placed on your wager; nothing more. If you win, you will see money on your winning side.

The come out roll may be anything. You can bet on any number, or a pure point number. The number might be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. As long as the shooter rolls the number in the range you have indicated and within the number of points you desire, you win.

On the flip side, even if the shooter rolls a point number, you will win if the shooter rolls the number within the range you indicate. For example, if you bet the six and the shooter rolls a six, you will win if the shooter rolls the number in the six and in the five.

Variations on odds betting

There are variations on the original odds betting idea. With the variations on the odds betting, you might indicate more than one point when you bet. Then, you might indicate a half point, a quarter point, a half dozen point or a quarter dozen point. If the shooter rolls anything other than a point number you will lose the odds bet. You might also bet on the outcome of a Hardway number (the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

The variations on odds betting can be very interesting. Suggestions on the odds betting can be like a parlay.